Massachusetts Costs Would Double Marijuana Tax, World Reports

UPGRADE 6/14/17, 4:35 pm

The reword of a Massachusetts voter-approved cannabis law was abruptly tugged late Wednesday– simply hours before it was scheduled to be discussed by the capacity. The costs’s reword was gotten as questionable from citizens and marijuana advocates alike, as the reword seemed to go against exactly what Massachusetts voters voted on this past election season without entering into more information.

Speaker Robert DeLeo pointed out “procedural concerns” and “certain things we need to clear up,” without going into more specificity.


House leaders in Massachusetts are expected to reveal a costs Wednesday that will double the existing tax rate on adult-use cannabis.

As initially reported by the Boston Globe, members of your house are attempting to modify the state’s voter-passed legalization law to set the total tax on adult-use marijuana at 28 %. The expense would also offer local officials the power to ban cannabis stores and farms, rather than leaving that choice in the hands of local voters.

This legislation marks an extreme break with Massachusetts voters. Last November’s Question 4 ballot initiative, which legislated leisure marijuana, amassed nearly 54% of the vote. Question 4 set the tax rate at 12%.

The proposed legislation would likewise consolidate the oversight of Massachusetts’ medical and recreational marijuana programs into one company. It would also enforce more stringent constraints on cannabis edibles, together with restrictions on cannabis marketing.

Treasurer Deborah B. Goldberg would be removed of her cannabis oversight authority, according to an overview of the legislation and subsequent interview with the expense’s author, Rep. Mark J. Cusack (D) of Braintree, by the Boston World.

Inning accordance with Cusack, the costs appreciates the will of the citizens while looking after the public safety and health of the state.

“The voters voted to allow individuals 21 years of age and above to be able to access a managed and safe marketplace. That is precisely what this bill does,” he informed the Boston Globe. “The ballot concern is fundamentally flawed. It has to be enhanced, which’s exactly what this committee’s charge has been– to overcome the different issues and come up with the very best system possible for the customer and the Commonwealth.”

The initial voter-passed effort required a total of 12% taxes on cannabis, which was comprised of a 3.75% state tax, a 2% regional choice tax on cannabis sales, and the state’s existing 6.25% retail sales tax.

Under your house bill that is anticipated to be put to a vote on Thursday, the total tax would be set at 28%, with a 6.25% sales tax, 16.75% state marijuana tax, and a compulsory 5% regional tax that would go to city and town coffers.

The bill will likely get passed in some version on Thursday, prior to moving to the Senate. If the Senate passes its own version of the legislation, the distinctions would be hashed out in a joint House-Senate conference committee.

Lawmakers intend to send out the end product to Gov. Charlie Baker by the end of the month.

The House costs would not alter the guidelines relating to home grows, or the amount of legal cannabis an individual might lawfully possess.

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