Member Blog: How To Pick a POS System For Your Cannabis Retail Operation

by Gary Cohen, CEO of Cova

It’s fair to say that many services will have a higher rate of success when they make use of tools developed with their market in mind. Running a retail operation in the cannabis market is no different. In fact, the success rate is likely much greater due to the stringent policies put in location by states to address diversion, public safety and health concerns.

With that in mind, I think it’s safe to state that a marijuana point-of-sale system is among the most essential investments a retail operation will make when opening a dispensary. The right point-of-sale system will not only help operators preserve compliance, however it ought to likewise save money and time by providing stock insight, taking full advantage of sales per consumer, and effortlessly integrating with other technology.

In addition to streamlining operations, dispensary owners should also feel great that consumer details is safe and secure, which quick transaction time is preserved even when traffic is much heavier than normal. At the end of the day, your marijuana point-of-sale system must work for you. Let’s be sincere, today’s market is crowded. Dispensary owners now have more than 40 point-of-sale options that promote their capability to optimize operations, acquire new consumers, and preserve that consumer base. But there are only a few essential gamers who succeed in this area, and each of them has pros and cons.

As the industry grows, we desire dispensary owners to know that not all marijuana point-of-sale systems are produced equal. It’s vital that you take the time to take a look at each tool to identify exactly what will work best for your operation, be it complete vertical or one dispensary place.

That’s why my group and I created a guide as a primer on point-of-sale tech for both brand-new and veteran dispensary owners. We’ve researched information from across the spectrum and organized it into classifications to assist you browse this major piece of the dispensary community.

Declare your free copy of 7 Things to think about When Selecting POS for Marijuana Retail today! Gary Cohen, CEO of Cova, leads Cova’s charge into the legal marijuana space by guiding the vision, tactical advancement,’go to market’ strategies and culture. A Denver local, he just recently moved back to establish Cova’s HQ there. While he signed up with Cova just a year earlier, he was a successful service partner to Cova’s moms and dad company considering that 2011. Prior to signing up with Cova, Gary was a principal in over a dozen tech start-ups in the mobile interactions industry varying from small VC moneyed companies to Fortune 100 firms, including Onavo, which was later on acquired by Facebook. In those companies he lead Sales, Marketing, Business Analytics and Market Growths. He has also held a multitude of leadership functions with Verizon and AT&T for the first 15 years of the cordless market. Gary holds a Degree in Finance with a Masters in Marketing from the University of Colorado.

In his spare time Gary delights in snowboarding, mountain biking, outdoor sports, travel and home cooking.

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