Justice Department Job Force Punts on Marijuana As AG Sessions Pressures Legal-Pot States

< imgclass =” align-left” src =” /wp-content/uploads/2017/08/DOJ.jpg” alt=”"/ > The much-anticipated r eport from the Justice Department’s Task Force on Criminal activity Reduction and Public Safety cannot contradict Obama-era cannabis policies, and calls for more research study and research into state-sanctioned legal cannabis programs. Though the report has yet to be released, portions of it were obtained by the Associated Press. The Justice Department, it states, ought to continue to “evaluate whether to maintain, revise or rescind” various memos that avoid the federal government from interfering with statewide adult-use and medical-marijuana programs in Colorado and other states.

This is a rebuke of Attorney general of the United States Jeff Sessions’ efforts to recharge the Drug War with a significant focus on cannabis enforcement in legal states.

” The huge bulk of Americans desire the federal government to let states determine their own marijuana policies,” says MPP director of conservative outreach Dan Murphy. “We hope the attorney general is focusing and maintains the present policy of non-interference.”

Sessions is also receiving flak from Washington State Gov. Jay Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson after he sent a letter to the guv on July 24 letter that criticized the state’s legal marijuana program.

” I’m exceptionally happy with the work we’ve done to implement legalization in a manner that keeps youth safe, minimizes diversion into the black market and lessens diversion out of state,” the governor mentioned.

< img class =" align-left" title=" AG Jeff Sessions corresponded to the Colorado and Washington governors slamming legal marijuana programs in their states.

” src= “/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/dr_JeffSessions_banner_w624_h255.jpg” alt =” “/ > AG Jeff Sessions sent letters to the Colorado and Washington guvs slamming legal cannabis programs in their states.” It’s tough to take him seriously if he counts on outdated information,” Ferguson told the Seattle Times about Sessions.” Do your research, get great info.” He includes that Washington has” worked hard to comply “with the memos, especially the one composed by James Cole in 2013. A comparable letter sent to Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper emphasized” severe concerns” about the state’s legal cannabis policies worrying alleged rises in traffic deaths and emergency clinic gos to due to legal cannabis, as well as minor use.” Please encourage regarding how Colorado plans … to fight diversion of cannabis, to protect public health and safety, and to prevent marijuana usage by minors,” Session wrote. Hickenlooper’s cannabis consultant Mark Bolton and the state’s AG Cynthia Coffman offered lukewarm reactions to Sessions ‘volleys.” My workplace has actually been responsible for some of the most substantial cannabis busts in recent history,” Coffman informed The Cannabist. “We can not permit bad stars to use our laws as a guard.”

In his letter to Hickenlopper, which was a reply to a letter Hickenlopper sent out to Sessions on Apr. 3 regarding a possible federal crackdown, Sessions advised the guv:

” Congress has actually figured out that cannabis is an unsafe drug, which illegal distribution and sale of cannabis is a criminal offense. The Department remains dedicated to imposing the Controlled Substances Act in a way that effectively applies our resources to the most substantial dangers to public health. I look forward to working with you on these issues.”

With one step forward and several steps back, these latest establishes leave the nation’s marijuana policy in doubt.

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