The Odd Case of Heidi Grossman Lepp

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] href=” /wp-content/uploads/2017/10/HeidiGEddyLepp.jpg” > Heidi Grossman-Lepp and Eddy Lepp married on June 24, 2017. They’re currently separated. Heidi Grossman-Lepp, partner of marijuana activist Eddy Lepp, was apprehended on Oct. 3 by the Yuba County Constable’s Office on charges of producing and cultivating marijuana, possession of cannabis for sale, and suspicion of conspiracy. Grossman-Lepp is founder and CEO of the Sugarleaf Rastafarian Church

of Cannabis Love, where marijuana was cultivated at many places in Yuba and Sacramento counties in Northern Califiornia. The authorities raided 12 homes in Sacramento, Marysville, Oregon House, Dobbins, Brownsville and Brown Valley. Fifteen hundred pots plants, five pounds of dried marijuana, $21,000 and eight guns were seized during the raids. Grossman-Lepp is being kept in at Sacramento County Prison. Seventeen other people were likewise busted.

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[ pp_gal]] href=” https://www.celebstoner.com/assets/images/pages/2013/mjnews25/HeidiGEddyLepp2.jpg” > Grossman and Lepp in better times. 6 months after Eddy Lepp was launched from federal jail last December, he and Grossman married. Already, Grossman had begun selling churches to gullible buyers for$ 10,000 each. The plan was grow marijuana on the sites; Grossman mistakenly believed they had religious protection.

This plan began to fall apart when cops were called to collar a worker at the Marysville church who was bring up plants and acting unpredictably on Aug. 1. This caused a shootout throughout which the wrongdoer, Mark Anthony Sanchez, was eliminated, and 2 officers were shot by Sanchez.

While Grossman-Lepp declared innocence, the local authorities continued to examine her criminal enterprises. After the killing, Grossman and Lepp separated. It’s uncertain whether they were back together at the time of her arrest.

A grower who was motivated to buy into their church plan informs CelebStoner:

” I was with them when they established churches. For the most part, not nice folks. Black marketers that wanted a method around the laws. It cost $10k per church for a half-acre grow site. Another $35k for a sanctuary center (dispensary) and a 10% tithe paid to Eddy and Heidi for ‘protection’ from the federal government. They established a great deal of them. It could’ve helped a lot of people, but ego took over. Mercedes, clothing, you understand the drill.”

About Grossman, the grower said after the Marysville killing:

‘ I understand individuals who are sleeping with guns over this. They are scared. Rightfully so. She is insane. Truly, actually ridiculous. It constantly was a home of cards run by the ridiculous.’

Adult-film actress Heidi” Feline” Grossman at right. When the grower decided not to purchase in, Grossman sent others to frighten her.” She tried to have me killed, “the grower states.” This sort of stuff has no place worldwide of marijuana.”

Upon hearing the news of Grossman’s arrest, the grower stated absolutely: “May she rot in hell.”

Grossman is a former adult-film actress from Calabasas, CA. She studied at Oaksterdam University. When Lepp remained in jail from 2009 till in 2015, Grossman was a regular visitor to the prison in Florence, CO.

. Lepp was jailed in 2004 for growing nearly 25,000 cannabis plants on his home in Upper Lake, CA. He called it Eddy’s Medicinal Gardens and Multi-Denominational Chapel of Marijuana and Rastafari and passed the name Rev. Eddy Lepp. These were the seeds of the Sugarleaf Rastafari Church. Thankfully, Lepp might have escaped Grossman in the nick of time. He was not charged in the latest round-up.

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