The VA Health care System May No longer Be Available to Many Veterans

Jonathan Fruchter is a military veteran that established the World Cannabis Club. He has coped New Jersey in the past for access to medical marijuana for his PTSD and is now a Florida medical marijuana card holder. He might be moving to among the recreational weed states soon though after his experience at the Miami VA Healthcare System. Upon finding out that Mr. Fruchter is a licensed Florida medical marijuana client and treats his PTSD with medical cannabis, they turned him away and informed him to seek drug therapy.

The Miami VA Health care System becomes part of the United States Department of Veteran Affairs which is a federal Cabinet-level firm, which implies they become part of the federal government. They need to comply with federal laws and medical marijuana is still unlawful federally. Despite the fact that Florida has an active legal medical cannabis program, the VA intends on referring medical cannabis clients to drug counseling. Does turning away veterans that are seeking medical aid, and merely referring them to drug counseling since they have a state legal medical marijuana card, make any sense? If veterans that hold a state legal medical cannabis card are a going to be turned away from the VA Health care System, how many veterans will the system end up covering?

MIAMI, FL– After moving to the Miami VA Health care System and during a medical intake, the VA was adamant about Jonathan Fruchter being described drug counseling no matter that he is patient #P 0032257 with the Compassionate Usage Computer system registry in the state of Florida.

The constitution assurances states’ rights, that is one of the main concepts upon which this country wased established. The constitution protects the U.S. from an oppressive federal government and any other enemy, foreign or domestic.

Jonathan Fruchter is going to fight the VA for his right and each veteran’s health that presently take advantage of marijuana. Veterans have the ability to lead regular daily lives mentally and psychologically with marijuana. It is a safer alternative over the mixed drink of drugs the VA prescribes to veterans returning from release. Marijuana likewise permits him to concentrate for long periods of time and reduces his headaches.

Section 265 of the proposed expense S. 1557 in the U.S. Congress prohibits funds supplied by this expense from being utilized to:

- interfere with the ability of veterans to participate in a state-approved medicinal marijuana program, – reject services to veterans taking part in a program

In addition, Jonathan Fruchter just went through the exact same situation at a residential system on federal property throughout November of in 2015 in New Jersey. This story details his struggles and triumph. This plant has geopolitical impact and the only way we can get out of this catch-22 circumstance where we can start to have federal studies honestly with this plant, is to re-classify cannabis and permit it to be freely grown anywhere and by anyone easily and willfully.

Formerly in 2014, Jonathan made headings when this story emerged detailing that he incredibly was allowed to self-medicate with marijuana to treat his PTSD symptoms while he was utilized by the federal government. At the same time, he was lobbying the state guv, Chris Christie, to add PTSD to the minimal list of disabling medical conditions that qualify a client to acquire medical marijuana in the state of New Jersey. During a landmark NJ case that concluded in 2017, Jonathan was likewise surprising enabled to take in marijuana during his 3-year probationary sentence.

Jonathan is the creator of the World Marijuana Club, New york city’s First Dispensary and New York City cannabis culture hub. The WCC is a worldwide exchange of friendship, compassion, and information about the health benefits of marijuana.

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