Congressional Emergency Situation Resolution Buys Medical Cannabis Some Time

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Medical marijuana received another breath of air from a congressional emergency situation resolution until January 19, 2018. Federal authorities will have no money to pursue any state legal medical cannabis if they really chose to prosecute.

Lots of states, services and people fret that Jeff Sessions and the DOJ will raid and prosecute organisations offering medical cannabis at their first opportunity in states that have legislated medical cannabis. Part of the present issue is that Congress has to pass the country’s spending plan. Otherwise a government shutdown would provide the opportunity the attorney general of the United States may be searching for given that the Justice Department is one of the couple of agencies that would still be functional.

Federal protections for medical cannabis clients are safe in the meantime thanks to an emergency resolution passed by Congress Thursday.

Protections offered under the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Modification will have to make it into a final congressional costs package to extend past Jan. 19.

That’s the expiration date of Thursday’s continuing resolution, a temporary step that keeps the federal government running while federal lawmakers hash out the details of their 2018 fiscal-year budget. President Trump signed the emergency resolution Friday.

While weed remains federally illegal, the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Modification stops the Justice Department from punishing clients where state law allows medical marijuana usage. U.S. Chief Law Officer Jeff Sessions has actually condemned usage of the drug.

The change that is simply hardly securing medical cannabis from the federal government is just inadequate and has to be voted upon routinely. Do you think that the change will be signed once again come January 18th?

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