Filled With Green Christmas Spirit, 80 Year Old Couple Stopped Halfway to Christmas

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The Jirons may have more green Christmas spirit than anyone on earth. The couple, both in their eighties, were come by cops in Nebraska on their method from California to Vermont, to provide 60 pounds of cannabis for the holidays.

The stories being reported of the enormous quantity of holiday marijuana gift offering occurring this year is remarkable and funny at the very same time. People are providing cannabis instilled barbecue sauce, spliffs and directly bags of weed to household and liked ones.

A senior couple apparently made that specific error today. Cops in York, Nebraska, jailed an 80-year-old man and an 83-year-old female for bring around 60 pounds of cannabis in the back of their pickup truck, the York New-Times reports.

Either the seniors have a lot of friends or they were really feeling the gift of providing this year, since they swear that the $336,000 worth of weed was all going to get wrapped up as Christmas gifts.

York County Constable’s Department deputies pulled over Patrick and Barbara Jiron on Tuesday for driving erratically. As the cops approached the Jirons’ truck, they immediately captured a whiff of weed and decided to browse the vehicle.

When they did, they discovered bags and bags– and at least one old cheddar cheese ball container– full of cannabis.

The Jirons supposedly told the officers that they were on the roadway from Clearlake Oaks, California, and headed to Vermont for the vacations to dole out nugs to loved ones like a pair of green-thumbed Santas.

“They stated the marijuana was for Christmas presents,” Lieutenant Paul Vrbka informed the New-Times.

Maybe the Jirons were simply using Christmas as an excuse to police and truly intended on selling the marijuana in Vermont once they arrived. However, that is a long drive for people in their eighties and Vermont might legalize leisure cannabis in just a couple of weeks more time. Do you believe the Jirons were really distributing 60 pounds of cannabis for the holidays?

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