Unionizing Marijuana Employees, Another Indication of Mainstream Company

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Unions are eyeing the cannabis market as it becomes clear that legal marijuana is not disappearing. Unions around the nation have struggled structure membership, however the potential of unionizing cannabis workers offers a chance to build ranks.

As the marijuana industry in California grows and roots itself into the economy, more employment conflicts are most likely to occur. With an expected $7 billion annually industry forecasted for California, the draw for marijuana employees to find support is likely to be strong.

The United Farm Workers, Teamsters and United Food and Commercial Workers are wanting to unionize the 10s of countless potential employees associated with the legal weed game, from planters to rollers to sellers. The relocation might offer an increase to arranged labor’s lagging membership– if infighting doesn’t obstruct.

The United Farm Workers, co-founded by iconic labor leader Cesar Chavez, says that arranging an industry rooted in farming is a natural fit, which growers might label their products with the union’s logo as a marketing method.

“If you’re a marijuana worker, the UFW wants to talk with you,” nationwide Vice President Armando Elenes said.

However United Food and Commercial Employees, which represents supermarket workers, meat packers and retail workers, registered its intent to arrange cannabis workers throughout the country.

“We would hope they appreciate our jurisdiction,” UFCW representative Jeff Ferro stated.

Teamsters organizer Kristin Heidelbach said there’s no need for unions to fight each other. There will be lots of employees needing representation as little marijuana organisations run by “delighted stoner” types give way to large pharmaceutical corporations, she stated.

The cannabis industry is presently run by reasonably small businesses where staff members have the tendency to have more of an identity with their employers than the massive corporations that control the alcohol and pharmaceutical industries. Will unions end up playing a major role in the cannabis market?

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