The New Jersey Town Afraid of Change

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Point Pleasant Beach is a New Jersey town scared of what legal cannabis may to do to its economy. The city has currently voted to not allow recreational or medical marijuana before the state has actually even legalized adult-use marijuana.

Point Pleasant Beach is afraid that cannabis will injured their economy instead of benefit it. They are likely to discover quickly whether they have actually slipped up as Governor-elect Phil Murphy is on the brink of legislating cannabis.

The Point Pleasant Beach borough council has unanimously authorized a complete ban on cannabis sales, including both medical cannabis dispensaries and any retail organisation seeking to offer weed.

In an interview, Point Pleasant Beach Mayor Stephen Reid said he was not versus medical cannabis — and not all borough authorities are against recreational cannabis.

“I believe legalized cannabis is coming and we just do not want to see any dispensaries,” Reid stated. “We have an amazing family-friendly town — a tourism town. People come here with their households. They have actually been doing it for many years and we wish to continue that.”

The ordinance only covers services that will sell marijuana or paraphernalia. When it pertains to marijuana-specific bars or clubs, Reid said the borough will “deal with that when (they) get there.”

Under that plan, towns that ban cannabis sales wouldn’t see a cent of pot earnings. And Reid is fine with that: “Cash does not play a role in this. It should never ever play a role, even at the state level. We’re not even considering that,” he stated.

Surrounding towns of Point Pleasant Beach will have the ability to provide stats relatively rapidly regarding whether cannabis has benefited their economies or changed its vibrant in any method. Do you think that Point Pleasant Beach has made a mistake in prohibiting cannabis?

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