Certified Cannabis Shipment Chauffeurs Apprehended by California State Authorities

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Adult-use marijuana will be legal and offered in California on Monday. While some towns have prohibited the sale of cannabis, the state says it is formally legal on January First. Despite the impending legalization, state authorities stoppeded the motorists of a certified cannabis delivery service, arrested them and seized a lots of cannabis recently.

While the county provided licenses to Old Kai Distribution to transfer marijuana and prepare the county for recreational sales, state authorities said the state license will not be valid till January 1st. The owners of Old Kai Circulation are outraged.

The workers for Old Kai Distribution were carrying the marijuana from a farm when they were stoppeded Friday afternoon by a California Highway Patrol officer on Highway 101 near Ukiah, according to Joe Rogoway, an attorney for the company. They were driving an unmarked van and were stopped for a traffic offense.

The workers revealed the officer the business’s county license and a manifest for the marijuana, however the officer insisted it was illegal, called for backup and detained the men.

The company argues it can carry cannabis within the county with its regional license, and county spokeswoman Sarah Dukett backed that interpretation. She stated Old Kai was provided a circulation license recently that enables it to legally carry cannabis under 2 local ordinances passed earlier this year.

The employees were pointed out for unlawful transport of marijuana and illegal possession for sale. Detectives likewise took all of the cannabis and the business’s van.

“It is incomprehensible that this has actually happened,” stated Rogoway, who sent out a letter to CHP requiring that the charges be dropped and the cannabis went back to Old Kai.

Acting California Highway Patrol Commissioner Warren Stanley stated the arrest was suitable due to the fact that a state license likewise is required for legal transport and those licenses do not work till Monday, when broad legalization arrives in California.

It’s curious that state police and authorities have actually been slammed for failing to monitor cannabis leaving the state, yet the liberal state is being so particular relating to marijuana that was remaining within state borders. Should all of the marijuana be returned to Old Kai Distribution and the charges dropped?

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