After Sessions Takes Off the Gloves, the Legalized Cannabis Market Strikes Back

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January 4, 2018

While the gloves are off, it’s unclear who will be throwing the first punch: United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions or the legalized marijuana market.

In this morning’s attached internal assistance to all United States Attorneys entitled “Marijuana Enforcement,” Mr. Sessions rescinded some of his office’s previous standards instructing that, like its predecessors, his guidance produces no “rights, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law by any party in any matter civil or criminal.” See January 4, 2018 Sessions Memo Concerning Marijuana Enforcement, readily available < a href="

http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001N2aZH7Ei02UjkZkjsx5LmH7kae1UiXKnk8Ogwjd4xyLTaJKYhZoaVygERp_TwhUlpQd45HVrZFTOrOwjw0MUup8JDWEjwgUsxHc6sVZSCf2BXyXRvGW8xWtCoRBe_ESbloZs0BqwN7cdCsw3NiOYHlPwI6ReR-915NeKRorY3kwsBcuhHCE_h4rQbnLaQDu3EbIuYKstep53wkCi3Y1A_Vr6cBXTHLZjQGPA1nkZEi8=&c=bWuLphu3wd6oyTkHwcZfd93fkf6y0X3ZWJ83K1sl3Zqb9VHQ8zxWNw==&ch=h6lLcB30sS-dpd9nCbvfhBSoUZlOMNOm5FYdEXGJGMpqYMPDTKQqsQ==” > here. Although at first misreported by lots of news outlets, Mr. Sessions did nothing more then re-state that each United States Lawyer’s workplace has discretion in selecting which laws to enforce.

While a shock to the market, such a relocation was not unexpected. It has been the pattern of Mr. Sessions to make bold public statements as a matter of course each time that the momentum of the business regulated cannabis market gains the attention of the mainstream media. Monday (New Year’s Day) was among those days. With the landmark retail legalization news (and resultant national coverage) coming out of California on Monday, and the seemingly stabilized protection of marijuana usage on New Year’s Eve by CNN, ( http://fortune.com/2018/01/01/cnn-new-years-eve-randi-kaye-marijuana/), frankly, Mr. Sessions was forced to do something. Importantly, this does not alter the legal status of marijuana; the law

has actually not altered;” marihuana” remains an illegal drug under federal law. The practical effect is, however, far greater. In truth, today’s action creates a policy space, together with more confusion, for the federal government’s own employees, divisions, and agencies. What Mr. Sessions overestimated is that the legalized marijuana industry is just too huge to be pushed around. Taking pleasure in$ 7.2 billion in sales, spanning thirty states, creating millions in tax incomes, and offering 10s of countless jobs, the legalized cannabis market is applying its influence and demanding a seat at the table. Bring in Republican members of Congress who are/will be compelled to defend their state cannabis laws/voters and their state marijuana economies/jobs, the dispute has shifted requiring Mr. Sessions to re-evaluate his strategy. For example, the State of California hired previous U.S. Lawyer Eric Holder one year ago as’ outdoors counsel’ for precisely these sorts of cannabis-related matters. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/04/us/california-eric-holder-donald-trump.html. States with cannabis programs are not most likely to help the Department of Justice( DOJ) in this matter. Even more, it is more thannoteworthy that Republican U.S.( Colorado) Senator Cory Gardner is quoted as saying “the Justice Department’ has squashed on the will of the citizens’ in Colorado and other states.” See https://www.apnews.com/19f6bfec15a74733b40eaf0ff9162bfa/AP-NewsBreak:-US-to-end-policy-that-let-legal-pot-flourish. This move by the DOJ squarely puts the concern on Congress to act; at least with regard to the formal renewal of the Rohrbacher-Blumenauer change( which just uses to state-licensed medical

marijuana companies, and which has actually been upheld/enforced by a variety of federal courts). More importantly, it puts the onus on Congress to broaden Rohrbacher-Blumenauer to cover retail cannabis companies too (like the McClintock-Polis change is intended to do). Legislatures in states with existing cannabis regulative plans must start to consider a legislative/policy action to today’s announcement, much like the action taken by the State of Colorado and other states to supply a path for retail cannabis businesses to roll into the existing medical marijuana framework, if necessary. And note that Mr. Sessions could have currently acted against retail cannabis organisations due to the fact that of the fact that Rohrbacher-Blumenauer does not prohibit the exact same, however he has actually not done so. The issues provided by today’s statement are compounded by the truth that lots of existing marijuana licensees hold both retail and medical licenses in a range of states. Nevertheless, the costs restrictions now take center stage in the policy debate. And Congress should act to limit this wanton action, and it should act rapidly. Perhaps the focus will move to enacting legislation that shows a reasonable technique to U.S. marijuana policy reform. See https://www.scribd.com/document/368422211/Make-America-Hemp-Again-A-Proposal-for-Federal-Cannabis-Policy. It is imperative that certified organisation’ sit tight’ and stay the course, and continue running in compliance with their particular state’s laws and regulative scheme. Do not do anything out of the ordinary as it relates to organisation. More notably, it is necessary that as many individuals as possible in cannabis-legal states call their Congressional Representatives and U.S. Senators to express their annoyance and issue over the DOJ’s neglect for the will of the voters. Congress needs to understand the effect of this knee-jerk modification and individuals should require the enactment of the prolonged spending arrangements recognized below. Simply perhaps there is a silver lining here, as the DOJ’s announcement has the possible to genuinely move the conversation about legalized marijuana far from the core concern of cannabis itself, and therefore will become a debate about tasks, economy, and states’ rights( all long-held Republican ideals ). The marijuana market wins these concerns.

But every silver lining has a touch of grey, and this statement upsets the investment-backed expectations of many business and individuals who have actually worked to expertly develop this industry across the United States. These stars have depended on the federal government’s policy not to prosecute folks who remain in compliance with their own state cannabis law and these entrepreneur have been making financial investment decisions in reliance on this federal guidance for over 8 years. The declaration by Mr. Sessions raises intricate concerns regarding the sources and schedule of personal and institutional financing, predicated on dependence upon the predecessor policies. Further, all pending and future deals have to consider the complexities of today’s action. We also need to know that this action has actually had a really substantial negative effect on numerous cannabis public companies, depressing the price of their stock today by roughly half( 50 %). It also has an extremely considerable impact on those companies involved in the procedure of moving forward with a capital raise or becoming public. Based upon our previous conversations with the SEC, it has enabled marijuana business to move on

based upon the memo positions taken by the DOJ. Now that these positions are not relevant, the vital threat element disclosure in both SEC filings and private offerings is grey, at best. This policy change raises a number of difficulties associated with how the SEC may treat filings on behalf of any cannabis-related moving forward. This is significant. At the end of the day, fortunately, this does not affect the commercial hemp, or the CBD, industries on its face. Unlike cannabis, commercial hemp is legal under federal law within exemptions written into the Controlled Substances Act, along with when grown or cultivated as part of a Farm Bill-authorized state pilot program. The Hoban Law Group will keep you up-to-date with all developments and offer you with whatever resources you may need to best weather condition this turbulence. Our attorneys are readily available

to speak with those with questions or issues concerning today’s announcement. Please call our workplace today at 303-674-7000 or www.hoban.law. STATEMENT BY HOBAN LAW GROUP( WITH CONTRIBUTIONS FROM ITS LAWYERS). Questions or media inquiries should be directed to:. Gaynell Rogers Erica Glenn. Media Relations Unique Projects. Enjoyed?Leave your Feelback!

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