Danny Sloat of AlpinStash– Tells His Story

There are numerous stories of how medical marijuana has affected people around the country, whether they struggle with persistent pain, seizures, PTSD, etc. For Danny Sloat, not only did it resolve his persistent pain, opioid addiction and weight issue, it likewise is resolving his monetary issues now with his new business, AlpinStash.

Danny’s stomach problem at a young age snowballed into lots of other problems and his doctors only had opiate-based prescription drugs to offer him. Here is a section of his incredible story from client to entrepreneur.

MJ: In your early 20′s you started suffering from persistent stomach pain, which medical professionals treated with increasing dosages of opiates. Can you inform us a little about that?

DS: Yes, I had stomach issues and after that established a nerve impingement issue called thoracic outlet syndrome and a non-cancerous base of skull growth that had to get eliminated all in the same period.

[The marijuana] absolutely offered pain relief, which at that point the opiates had stopped doing. It’s the timeless thing where opiates help pain, however the more you take them the more you need. The other thing marijuana provided was a means to escape psychologically from the situation I was in. It put me in a favorable headspace and enabled me to have a mental break from dealing with pain and being stuck in such a rut for so long.

So the combination of physical discomfort relief and psychological breathing room was extremely important.

As time passed, I left medications and my head started to clear. It was like, ‘oh wow, this issue was triggered by the medication I was on, and all the weight that I had actually gained was triggered in big part by all the medication.’

How did these experiences result in you getting into the marijuana market?

The very first dispensary I went to, the purchase I made featured a complimentary clone and then the subsequent purchases I made likewise came with totally free clones. Gardening had been something I had actually had an interest in and had done on and off and I had actually discovered [it] very restorative.

Possibly most stories worrying the impacts of medical cannabis therapy are not as remarkable as Danny’s, however all the very same the anecdotal stories people are informing are life altering. Do you have a story about how medical marijuana has assisted you? We would enjoy to hear it!

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