First U.S. Cannabis Health Club Wishes To Open In Colorado

<aFirst U.S. Cannabis Spa To Open In Colorado

The first U.S. cannabis spa is intending to get approval to operate in Denver, Colorado. The marijuana business, Utopia 100% natural Wellness Spa and Lounge, has filed an application to enable social consumption of cannabis based products within Denver’s Creswell Estate. Paradise All Natural Health spa and Lounge sent its application for

a Denver Cannabis Usage Facility license on Wednesday for a spa in the Creswell Mansion, 1244 Grant St. It intends to be amongst the first services authorized for the first-of-its-kind social usage program authorized by the city’s voter-approved Initiative 300. If their application is approved, patrons will have the ability to

lawfully consume marijuana and cannabis-related products while within the personal privacy of the city’s historic locale. This would make the health spa the very first of its kind here in the states and might open the floodgates for other similar facilities to do the same. The adults-only health spa will include two marijuana consumption areas in compliance with

the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act. One will be inside where grownups can take in edibles and vape, and one will be outdoors where adults can smoke marijuana flower in an aerated location that is not noticeable to next-door neighbors, she said. first-us-cannabis-spa-open-colorado Cindy Sovine, CEO of Paradise, intends to make it the first cannabis-friendly spa in Denver– and the country. (Photo supplied by Cindy Sovine). According to their CEO, Cindy Sovine, the hope is that the day spa will be a significant and positive part of the local community and

honestly welcomes them to visit the budding marijuana health club when and if their application is authorized.” We plan to be part of the culture of the area,” Sovine said.” We actually are an open door policy, our medspa service is public

. We eagerly anticipate inviting members of the community in and informing them on marijuana and how it’s utilized. “< a class=" cs_link" href =" https://www.thecannabist.co/2018/02/09/denver-marijuana-spa-utopia/98532/ "target=" _ blank"

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