How To Go About Trading A Canadian Cannabis Stock As A U.S. Investor

If we are going to spend a great deal of time reviewing Canadian cannabis stocks, which we will since the majority of cannabis stocks are traded on the TSX or CSE, then investors in the United States will have to know the best ways to go about trading Canadian companies. There is a lot to consider when trading a Canadian marijuana stock, such as currency exchange rate between the United States Dollar and the Canadian Dollar, charges charged by your broker and the exchanges, which brokers even provide the ability to trade Canadian companies or whether to trade the stock over the counter (OTC) or to use an American depository receipt (ADR) rather of buying the stock itself on a Canadian exchange.

The Canadian Dollar Price Fluctuation

As an IAR I had the chance to work with a great deal of various brokers and platforms. I discovered that Interactive Brokers offered a few of the lowest charges, the best depth of worldwide markets and Trader Work Station (TWS) was among the more flexible trading platforms. However, there are numerous brokers out there and it is actually a matter of a private trader’s choice of what works best for them. I talked to many people that felt overwhelmed by how might bells and whistles were integrated into TWS which found the extremely personalized nature of the platform was more of a trouble than a benefit. Here are some details worrying some of the brokers you can choose from.

InteractiveBrokers is the most popular U.S. brokerage for international traders. With both repaired and tiered rates, retail and professional investors can utilize the platform to reduce charges and maximize their returns. The minimum balance for specific accounts is $10,000, but those 25 and more youthful need just $3,000 and Individual retirement accounts qualify with simply $5,000.

PennTrade is an easy-to-use broker, however they charge an expensive $29.95 commission. The outcome is that this commission is offset by no additional charges for market orders, limitation orders, big volume, small volume, or stocks trading under $1.00– and every tenth trade is totally free. The minimum requirement to open an account is also simply $500.

Questrade charges in between $4.95 and $9.95 per trade with no minimum balance, but there are a great deal of other costs that may be included. There is likewise a $5.00 flat per-day commission for days where you trade a U.S. dollar security in your account, which means that it’s best when utilized exclusively for holding Canadian stocks.

As soon as you have discovered the right broker to trade worldwide stocks with, now it is a matter of choosing whether to trade the cannabis stock right in the Canadian exchange it trades on, or whether to opt for an OTC or ADR alternative. Really, as an investor you desire the possession that has one of the most liquidity to try and get the best price both in and out of the position. Sometimes an ADR or OTC position will charge smaller costs than the stock trading on the TSX or CSE.

An American depository invoice (ADR) is a bank provided negotiable certificate that enables the trader to avoid over stressing over exchange rates. The certificate will represent a particular quantity of shares of a worldwide business and is a good alternative as long as it has liquidity. An OTC equity is one that is not being traded on a major exchange. Some people are concerned about there not being as much guideline with OTC markets, but for the most part they are a sensible alternative, again, as long as they have enough liquidity.

If you elect to trade marijuana stocks right on the TSX or SCE, you need to keep track of the currency values between the United States Dollar and the Canadian Dollar and become acquainted with exchange fees. Also, you will see all prices quoted in Canadian Dollars. As you can see there is a fair bit to think about when trading Canadian marijuana stocks, however if you end up being knowledgeable about the process and the expenses, you will have the ability to enhance your trading.

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