First Marijuana Lounge Opens in Worcester, Massachusetts, Alarming Numerous City Officials

Bar Area of The Summit Lounge in Worcester

A Water Street social club opened on Friday and for $50/month, patrons can smoke cannabis. Since The Summit Lounge is not a public service, it does not fall under the social usage companies guidelines that have actually not even been set yet by the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission. Massachusetts citizens authorized recreational marijuana use and sales in the ballot box in 2016. Guidelines are set to be carried out that would make leisure cannabis offered to consumers this summertime. The state has actually likewise authorized the eventual existence of marijuana lounges, but the Marijuana Control Commission is holding off on carrying out those guidelines up until after they find out ways to manage marijuana sales.

The Water Street lounge is open to members who pay $50 monthly for access to the personal club. When within, members can smoke marijuana and tobacco, lease pipes and bongs, delight in a couple of snacks and play video games on a variety of offered consoles. The club does not offer any marijuana or alcohol.

The club opened its doors the same day the Massachusetts District Lawyer Association sent out a letter to the Cannabis Control Commission alerting that social intake businesses in Massachusetts “considerably increase the threats to public safety.”

Since it is not a public service, The Top Lounge is not covered by the commission’s oversight.

In a statement, Worcester City Manager Edward M. Augustus said the city is asking the CCC to put regulations in location for private clubs.

“The occupant of 116 Water Street (The Summit Lounge) did not reveal to the city that he would be running a personal club for the purpose of cannabis consumption. He has exploited a loophole in the 2017 Cannabis Serve as well as the draft policy,” Augustus’ declaration read.

Sitting Area in The Summit Lounge

The interior of The Top Lounge looks similar to the marijuana coffee shops people can find in Amsterdam, that has actually provided recreational marijuana for years. Will Worcester city officials be successful in closing down The Summit Lounge? Is it even worth shutting it down because leisure cannabis sales start this summertime?

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