Tweed: Haute Couture Satisfies ‘High’ Culture

When we hear the words ‘marijuana style,’ the majority of people will more than most likely instantly picture tie dye shirts, obnoxious clothing with marijuana leaves emblazoned on them or maybe the old sweat shirt and sweat pants combo. Generally, not a great try to find anybody! However, there are some innovative business out there who are trying to eliminate the unfavorable preconception associated with the timeless ‘stoner visual.’

One of those companies wanting to make a distinction is Canada’s personal Tweed. Among the largest marijuana business in the nation, (a subsidiary of Canopy)they produce quality marijuana products all the while attempting to support the regional communities. The business showcased near forty new designs throughout Toronto’s Male’s Fashion Week which they hope will assist fight the typical stoner stereotype with their modern-day and diverse design. No matter if you enjoy marijuana or not, these are some truly sharp looking clothes for any fashionista to take pleasure in!

Catch the complete interview with Tweed’s director of marketing, Amy Wasserman, to find out more about the business and its lofty prepare for the future by following the link listed below!

Aside from Style Week celebrations, where rappers, designs and other glitterati hot box the VIP areas of the world’s hottest clubs, cannabis and style have always inhabited diverse spheres of influence. In America, legality has enabled marijuana to leak into every nook of pop culture, moving away from the shrouded dealings of the past and into the light of the mainstream. Canada, which is getting more detailed and more detailed to across the country legalization, is experiencing a similar canna-aissance, one highlighted by the existence of Canadian cannabis brand name Tweed at Toronto’s Male’s Fashion Week (TOM *).

One of the leading marijuana brand names in Canada, Tweed wased established with the belief that the usage of the cannabis’ lots of advantages, from medicinal to creative and beyond, is worthy of to be recognized, not hidden. From producing premium flower, to cultivating doctor education programs, to their celebrated Artists in Home program, Tweed exceeds as a brand, supporting the communities in which it is involved.

“Tweed is a breathtaking brand name that brings creativity and style to the forefront of style,” stated Hans Koechling, organizer of Toronto Guys’s Style Week through e-mail. “The intrinsic similarities between the DNA of each designer’s principles and the fabric, to developing each garment with individual innovative direction, are exceptional.”

Tweed Merged the Disparate Worlds of Weed and Clothes Design at Toronto Guys’s Fashion Week– Culture|MERRY JANE

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