Hong Kong’s Youth Welcomes Marijuana

Hong Kong's Youth Embraces Marijuana, weed news

Despite China’s really strict and severe laws against cannabis ownership and use, Hong Kong’s defiant youth has been tossing care to the wind and lighting up whenever they can. While belongings of the herb can potentially cause imprisonment for 7 years and cost you over $100k in associated fines, those discovered actually growing the plant itself can dish out to fifteen years and will pay substantially more when it pertains to their fines. Despite the fact that the price of getting captured is more than the majority of have the ability to pay (economically or otherwise) more youthful generations of citizens are apparently not intimidated by their government’s efforts to disallow marijuana. Take a look at the video below for more on how cannabis culture is impacting modern-day Hong Kong! While the city’s older generation hold on to out-of-date ideas that marijuana is a harmful drug similar to drug, its younger

generation is opening as much as cannabis culture. Even so, cannabis is so uncommon that numerous teens can smoke it at home without their parents understanding exactly what is going on. Join MERRY JANE News reporter Christel Escosa as she talks with Hong Kong teens and expats in the city’s small however growing cannabis underground. Hong Kong’s Younger Generation Is Embracing Marijuana In Spite Of Strict Restriction– Culture|MERRY JANE

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