Police Officers Dismissed After Declaring Mice Consumed Missing Out On Cannabis

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You truly can’t make this things up! Eight Argentinian law enforcement officer from the town of Pilar found themselves out of a job after claiming that some rogue mice had actually consumed over half a ton of cannabis that had actually been seized by regional authorities. When asked exactly what took place to the missing out on cannabis, four of the officers specified that mice had brought it away. Considering the significant quantity that was missing, that mice do not think of cannabis as food and would have most likely all have gotten extremely ill or passed away if they had in fact eaten the illegal pot, you can officially submit this excuse under “a likely story.” Four of the people that were reprimanded have been bought to affirm prior to a judge next month in order to determine whether the cannabis went missing out on due to illegal reasons or due to the fact that of neglect on the part of the officers involved. Follow the link below to find out more on this amusing mystery of the missing weed! 8 police officers in Argentina, consisting of a previous town police commissioner, have actually been dismissed from their posts after 4 of them claimed that more than half a ton of missing out on

marijuana was brought off by mice, The Guardian reported Wednesday. The paper reported that police in the town of Pilar, about 35 miles northwest of Buenos Aires, seized 6,000 kgs (13,228 pounds )of cannabis. However when police examined the evidence storage facility at some point later, they found that 540 kilograms(1,190 pounds )were missing. Throughout their examination, officers found that former authorities commissioner Javier Specia had not signed the stock for the pot before he left his post in April 2017. Specia and three of his subordinates were called previously a judge, and all of them informed the very same story: the missing marijuana had been “consumed by mice.” Cops who claimed mice consumed missing out on marijuana fired

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