Bicyclist Bikes 19k Miles To Dispel ‘Lazy Stoner’ Stereotype

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Boyd’s Vaporizer, jeff sessions marijuana, cannabis news” width =” 300″ height=” 169″/ > Roger Boyd’s Vaporizer Devoted cyclist and marijuana lover, Roger Boyd of Bristol, England, has actually been intending to make a statement about marijuana and its users. His ultimate goal is resolving the misconception of the lazy stoner that’s regrettably all too prevalent around the world. In his effort to alter people’s perceptions about marijuana users for the better, Boyd has gone on his artistically called “Trip De Dank “cycling tour and has acquired more than 19,000 miles traveling throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Nepal and numerous other nations over the last 3 years. This feat is that a lot more remarkable thinking about that all the while he has actually been stopping every 20 minutes in order to hit his portable vaporizer so that he can stay high the whole time that he is riding! Check out a brief clip from his

journeys listed below and be sure to follow the links for more details on his awesome adventure! According to the Bristol Post, Boyd started his Tour De Dank in 2015, after changing from smoking weed to using a portable vaporizer. With some newfound lung power and a heady buzz, Boyd set out to disprove those who ascribe lazy stereotypes to stoners, documenting his pedal-powered experiences on his blog Healthy-Stoner. com. So far, Boyd has actually biked across Europe, Australia, New Zealand , and India through rain, sleet, and snow, throughout highways and over mountains. Riding over 100 miles every day, the lit Lance Armstrong said he would stopped every 20 miles or so to break out his reliable vape, permitting him to stay high the whole journey. Along the way, Boyd stated he encountered countless other potheads– in places as disparate as Siberia and Nepal

– who joined him for impromptu smoke sessions. And with his beloved bike(” It’s so strong and has horns so I called it Rhino”) by his side, Boyd has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. Tour de Dank: Guy Bikes 19,000 Miles While Vaping to Disprove Lazy Stoner Myth– News|MERRY JANE

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