Martellus Bennett Gives His Quote on Weed Use in NFL

Recently retired NFL Gamer Martellus Bennett signed up with the Simms and Lefkoe Podcast previously this week to discuss his life after football, his viewpoints on the game, and his thoughts on active gamers smoking cannabis. Bennett played in the NFL for 10 years for the Giants, Bears, Packers, Cowboys, and New England Patriots. Bennett ended his career as a Super Bowl Champion with the New England Patriots in 2017.

Chris Simms, NFL drug tests, marijuana news, jeff sessions Throughout the course of the interview Chris Simms the host and previous NFL quarterback specified he took pleasure in staying home on Friday nights in college to”see Shrek and smoke a blunt” which lead Bennett to state that part of the appeal of being retired is not having to deal with NFL drug tests, which Simms completely supported. Later at 1:06:58 throughout the interview the program’s cohost Lefkoe asked Bennett what percentage of players in the league smoked weed. Bennett thought about the question and answered 89%, while Simms was a little bit more conservative and chimed in with 80% as a guess.

Both Simms and Bennett took the opportunity to differentiate between the method players really utilize marijuana and the perception the fans and weed critics have of them. Both gamers kept in mind that cannabis is utilized as a discomfort management tool specifically when the options are addictive narcotics that harm the kidneys and liver.

While both Chris Simms and Martellus Bennett are NFL veterans, they are two men from extremely distinct backgrounds. Chris Simms is the boy of NFL Hall of Popularity Quarterback Phil Simms and was mostly a backup quarterback during his time in the league. Simms as a player was not outspoken, and stated hardly any to interrupt the narrative of any topic in or beyond the world of the NFL, while he was a gamer. Bennett on the other hand is well known for being outspoken over the his years spent in the league as a tight end. Both Martellus and his bro Michael have taken controversial positions on social justice issues, how gamers deal with agreement settlements and even how they engage with their teammates.

Ricky Williams, Chris Simms, weed news, jeff sessions marijuana While the headings on many news websites today have to do with exactly what Bennett needed to say and individuals’s response to it, the real story is that Chris Simms smoked weed in college and seems to partake in the hashish now that he’s a retired gamer with a podcast. Why is that the story you might ask, because it pokes a huge hole in the story and perception of who is smoking cigarettes weed in the NFL and why they’re doing it. The narrative pressed by the media and sports pundits is that players who smoke weed are knuckle headed trouble makers and usually slide some racial remarks in and make it about black gamers in the league. The fact that Simms is white and would not be thought about a knuckle head trouble maker appears to oppose the narrative. The race element matters since both Simms and Bennett put their guestimates in the 80′s in regards to percentages of gamers who utilize some form of marijuana. Considering 68% of the league is black, 28% white, and the reaming 4% as “other”, the concept that its simply the troubled black players cigarette smoking pot is a weak talking point.

Stephen A. Smith, host of First Take on ESPN caught wind of Bennett’s statement and gives us a prime example of a media expert utilizing weak talking indicate disparage NFL players that smoke weed. He even goes more referencing Jewish individuals and mentioning why it’s not okay for black people to talk about particular things at certain times because of the possible “civilian casualties” it might cause. He does not discuss the civilian casualties aside from saying Bennett’s statements might in some way lead to gamers being fined or stigmatized. The idea that the league could fine someone utilizing Bennett’s declarations are laughable and absurd because the league can’t just great 89% of the gamers in the league since Martellus Bennett made a statement. The stigmatization of the players is also ridiculous because the majority of people already have their minds made up about NFL gamers whether they smoke weed or not and there is no chance to accurately quantify stigmatization.

Stephen A. Smith’s is understood for his anti-weed stance in sports and especially in the NFL, and this rant is an example of the kind of arguments he makes on why weed is bad. His bottom line is that weed is bad due to the fact that it makes gamers look bad in the court of popular opinion and it’s unlawful. Smith has no real action to the medicinal recommendations his co-hosts makes, and he doesn’t even acknowledge the actual conversation or context where Bennett discussed marijuana in this interview. Remember from earlier, Chris Simm’s brought up marijuana first referencing seeing Shrek and smoking a blunt. Also keep in mind the co-host of the podcast asked Bennett for his viewpoint on the portion of gamers that utilize marijuana in the league. Bennett was asked a specific question and he offered his sincere viewpoint. If Stephen A. Smith really appreciated the gamers in the league, particularly the black gamers (since he regularly decreases his weed argument to race) he would be championing the legalization of weed. He would be pushing for the continued and desiring additional research study into the possible usages of marijuana and whether it can assist manage pain and other medical conditions. If he truly was everything about the gamers he would want a world where these guys could look after their bodies utilizing the safest substances possible while not having to risk arrest or losing their income. If he were genuinely stressed over his bros he would want them to enjoy themselves in the privacy of their own home without needing to fret about losing their roster spot or dealing with a suspension.

I mentioned earlier that Martellus Bennett is outspoken and wants to speak his mind. In timeless Bennett bro style, Martellus had a response for Mr. Smith.

Fuck you @stephenasmith all you do is hate on everybody 100% of the time.

– Martellus Bennett (@MartysaurusRex)

April 12, 2018 Probably not exactly how I would encourage anybody to respond to a co-worker or a spouse, but because Bennett and Smith are not colleagues and absolutely not spouses, I think his reaction was 100% appropriate.

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