Andy Cohen And John Mayer Talk Weed

On this previous Sunday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Cope With Andy Cohen singer and tune author John Mayer dropped in. The pair candidly discussed the lots of stars that they have actually smoked weed with in the past. Some significant names include Game Of Thrones author George R. R. Martin and legend Willie Nelson. While we are not amazed that Willie and Snoop made the list, Martin’s addition comes as a little bit of a shock given that his marijuana use isn’t effectively known. Maybe if they offered the guy a strong sativa, he may have the ability to complete The Winds Of Winter at some point this centuries! Take a look at the sector in the video below.

Sunday night’s episode of “View What Takes Place Live” was committed to host’s Andy Cohen’s 50th birthday. Co-hosted by Cohen’s close friend, rock musician John Mayer, the two thought back about getting high and star good friends.

“You can only have one for the rest of your life: weed, oral sex or cheese,” Mayer specified to Cohen. A demand from an audience member Cohen found especially tough.

“I enjoy cheese, however I’m taking it off the list,” Cohen responded.

“I would stick to oral-sex. Yeah, I think that’s true. Yeah, I would discover another vice.”

When it came time for Cohen to disclose the most exciting person he smoked pot with a specific novelist was on the tip of his tongue.

“Well, you and I smoked pot with George R. R. Martin recently,” Cohen advised Mayer, before completing the list with a couple of more outstanding names.

“My pot list is so amazing,” stated Cohen. “How’s this: Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg, George R. R. Martin, Bob Weir.”

Have you ever smoked with somebody popular? What celebs would you wish to get high with?

‘ You And I Smoked Pot With George R. R. Martin’: Andy Cohen And John Mayer Reflect On Their Celebrity Smoke List

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