Member Spotlight: EstroHaze

This month, we connected to Sirita Wright, a co-founder of the multimedia business EstroHaze. Sirita, in addition to her co-founders Kali Wilder, and Safon Floyd, focus their company’s mission on highlighting business and way of lives of multicultural women in the cannabis industry.

Marijuana Industry Sector: Media/Entertainment NCIA Member Since: January 2018 Tell us about your background and why you introduced your

company? Storytelling is the heart of exactly what we do. We found a void in mainstream media’s coverage of minorities developing brands within the market and we decided to begin EstroHaze for the purposes of uplifiting those voices. Having worked together for several years at another media business, we saw a great chance to develop a bridge for others looking for opportunities in the cannabis market.

What unique worth does your business offer to the marijuana industry?

Photo by Rich February Our value lies in our capability to represent and really get in touch with our community via’edutainment’. From our original video series EstroHaze Adventures, where we explore the inner operations of the legal cannabis industry in states like Colorado and take in cannabis experiences like hashish yoga; to our podcast where we talk start-up life and brand-building, along with interviews with cannabis thoughtleaders and influencers. If that isn’t really enough, go to our site where we include vibrant profiles, plans for building your own cannabusiness, cannabis recipes, information on lobbying and more! Bottom line, EstroHaze offers a connection to marijuana and culture that resonates with individuals.

Marijuana companies have an unique duty to form this growing industry to be socially responsible and advocate for it to be treated fairly. How does your business help work toward that goal for the greater good of the marijuana market?

This is the reason why we started EstroHaze– to be a space that magnifies voices that are forming this market, voices that, far too often, have been disregarded. With ever-expanding cultural influence and increasing buying power it’s negligent to overlook among the fastest-growing, the majority of educated, and entrepreneurial demographics in the world. In informing stories– the good, bad and ugly of the cannabis market– we guarantee that people are aware of predisposition and held accountable. The cannabis industry is larger than any of us and has the power to conserve lives and improve well-being. Recognizing this, EstroHaze serves a higher function and we create content and partner with brands that are intentional about that higher purpose.

What type of challenges do you face in the industry and exactly what services would you like to see?

Image by Rich February The obstacles we face are common of any startup, to be honest. Include being women and a lady of color led brand name and those issues just compound! Access to capital, government support as a small company, social stigma towards using marijuana, and so on. We are a startup like other with chance to grow to limitless heights and that takes capital. The service is easy—reveal us the cash and access to chances to produce material on a larger scale. For example, Netflix, VICE, and HBO are just a couple of networks that have cannabis themed material that is not led or hosted by females of color, specifically black ladies. Enough currently! EstroHaze as content developers can help with that.

Why did you join NCIA? What’s the very best part about being a member?

Our NCIA subscription was really gifted to us by a member who was impressed with us and our Demo Day pitch at Canopy Boulder. This member has given us an opportunity to construct more bridges with other similar brands, get industry information that is not available to the public, which is valuable, and access to helpful conferences and trade-shows.

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