A Trip of Cannabis Dispensaries, Massachusetts/New England

A Tour of Marijuana Dispensaries, Massachusetts cannabis, New England marijuana, cannabis news

In our ongoing effort to keep our fans notified on the state of cannabis legalization throughout the country, I traveled to Massachusetts for the beginning of adult-use sales set to start on July 1st. I am here for other factors too (I grew up here and graduated from UMass, Amherst) however if you are unfamiliar with the New England region, all of the states are actually close relative to the west coast. As a kid I believed having a nearby state being within a half an hour drive or so was regular for everyone.

I likewise believed there would be a lot to cover with Massachusetts being the very first east coast state to start selling leisure cannabis. The strategy was to explore New England and see how legal marijuana was unfolding. Vermont’s new adult-use legislation became reliable on July 1st too but there is no structure for the business sales of marijuana though the legislature is considering discussing it again later on this year. Maine voters approved an adult-use market at the same time Massachusetts’s voters performed in 2016, however they have a guv that simply dislikes on marijuana and vetoes every bill for an adult-use market that crosses his desk. The mathematics all added up to a possibly huge turnout for Massachusetts with cannabis enthusiasts throughout the northeast gathering in to have an additional special Fourth of July.

No such luck though. We consulted with Kamani Jefferson of the Mass Rec Council earlier this year and he cautioned us that he would be amazed if even a couple of dispensaries had been accredited by the Massachusetts Marijuana Control Commission by July. Further research study better to the start date of July 1st confirmed that Massachusetts authorities were simply not in a rush to obtain adult-use dispensaries all set for July. The start of adult-use marijuana sales in Las Vegas one year ago had a big turnout and ever since sales of cannabis are creating enormous amounts of tax income. Apparently Massachusetts did not see that as engaging adequate data to make sure it was ready for the 4th of July holiday.

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Upon further research study I did find that two medical marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts had actually received an adult-use license. Cultivate out of Worcester and Sira Natural with locations in Cambridge, Somerville and Needham have both been given commercial sale licenses. However, when I called both places their automated system told me that they were not offering recreational cannabis but expect to later on this year. Now that cultivators are winning licenses, they most go through other allowing processes, crucial is establishing a method to have all of the cannabis lab checked.

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Lab testing cannabis is crucial, however in Massachusetts not a single marijuana lab screening facility has even completed an application with the state to begin official screening. Possibly if applications are effectively filled out and the Cannabis Control Commission is on the ball for evaluating and approving licenses, then a shop will open prior to the end of the month. I likewise discovered in my research that as medical cannabis dispensaries, these business lack their high demand items and clients have been complaining. If the dispensaries can not stay up to date with medical marijuana demand, then how can customers anticipate that they will be able to keep up with recreational need?

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