New Policy Directives For Cannabis Released By NCSL

by Michelle Rutter, NCIA Government Relations Supervisor

Last week, the National Conference of State Legislatures ( NCSL) fulfilled in Los Angeles for their yearly Legal Top. NCSL was produced in 1975 with the objective of establishing a single nationwide company to support, protect and reinforce state legislatures. NCSL prides itself on being bipartisan and looks for to enhance the quality and effectiveness of state legislatures, promote policy development and interaction among state legislatures, and make sure that state legislatures have a strong, cohesive voice at the federal level.

At the Legislative Summit recently, NCSL hosted two separate panels on cannabis policy. The very first was titled “Crossroads: States, the Federal Government and Marijuana,” while the second was entitled “Altering Federal Landscape: Financial Services for Marijuana Companies.” NCIA’s own Director of Federal Government Relations, Michael Correia, spoke eloquently on the banking panel and informed participants and lawmakers about the importance of cannabis company’ access to monetary services.

NCSL isn’t the only policy related group to reveal interest in cannabis policy: both the U.S. Conference of Mayors and the National Association of Counties have actually recently adopted comparable positions. In June, a group of 12 governors, both Republican politician and Democrat, signed a letter to congressional management asking that they pass the STATES Act. Following the top, NCSL issued 2 brand-new policy regulations associated to marijuana: the first specified that NCSL “keeps that the federal government ought to appreciate state choices to control marijuana, consisting of hemp in non-FDA authorized marijuana items,” while the second said “NCSL acknowledges that due to the expansion of legal cannabis, genuine service enterprises need access to banks that supply capital, security, efficiency, and record keeping.”

We couldn’t concur more.

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