Meet Bongzilla! World’s Largest Bong at Cannabition in Las Vegas

Currently living at “Cannabition,” Las Vegas cannabis museum which is set to officially open this month, “Bongzilla” is a completely working 24 foot tall, 800 pound beast of a bong. The massive piece boasts a 100 gallon tank with an enormous bowl that can hold a quarter of a pound of premium weed. The bong is likewise stated to radiance a greenish color when backlit. Touted as the world’s biggest bong, the piece is a masterpiece from a Seattle based glass company, Jerome Baker Styles, and the brainchild of artist Jason Harris.

‘Bongzilla’, Cannabition Museum, Las Vegas, marijuana museum, bong, weed newsHarris has stated that producing this massive bong took the integrated assistance of 15 people blowing glass for 8 hours a day throughout a 4 day stint. As soon as the piece was completed it had to be taken apart, specially packed, and transferred from its birth place in Seattle to its brand-new home in the Las Vegas weed museum which Harris claims is the “ideal home” for his child specifying: “Las Vegas will be the new Amsterdam of the world … I see it as a big lighthouse and beacon that says, ‘Just smoke me.”

The founder of Cannabition, J.J. Walker, validated that it took a number of days to put Bongzilla back together and put it in its permanent location at the museum after the pieces were delivered from Seattle. Reassembling the different elements needed making use of an unique adhesive representative that would keep the bong in one piece while still permitting the smoke to flow freely (IF the piece is ever utilized). Workers were likewise said to have developed a custom scaffolding in order to protect the bong to the nearby railing so that it would not move. Just recently, a mural backdrop of Tokyo was added to Bongzilla’s display to accompany the “Godzilla” style.

Bongzilla, marijuana museum, leisure marijuana, Las Vegas marijuana, cannabis newsUnfortunately, enthusiasts are not in fact able to consume cannabis while checking out the museum so visitors will wish to ensure that they “prepare” ahead of time prior to making a go to if they wish to make the most of the experience. Nevertheless there are now a lot of leisure dispensaries to pick from in the area so you won’t be lacking a great selection for where to go to get your next stash. In spite of marijuana not being offered for sale or utilize on premises, similar to all dispensaries throughout the nation, you have to be 21 or older to be able to enter the Cannabition Marijuana Museum so ensure you bring along your ID.

Interestingly, Nevada state Senator Tick Segerblom, was quoted as saying that he envisions a day when people can lawfully utilize this large bong. Segerblom, a vocal advocate for legalizing cannabis, stated about Bongzilla: “It’s what we do best here, and it suits well with our party and hooligan image … But I’m also hoping it makes people mindful that Las Vegas is the best location for the cannabis culture and, if we can pull this off, it will end up being a significant focal point for us.”

Would you ever attempt to take a dupe of a bong as huge as Bongzilla?

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