Top 5 Reasons to Participate In Cannabis Caucuses

Registration is complimentary for members and 15% off for non-members NCIA’s increasingly popular Marijuana Caucuses are intimate satisfy and greet occasions that appear in eight of the most growing marijuana markets every quarter. We released this event series 2 years back so that our members can get in touch with NCIA personnel, make connections with other market experts and find out about important federal policy updates affecting our market.

Among the lots of benefits of NCIA subscription is complimentary access to all our 32 Quarterly Cannabis Caucus events a year. Even much better, depending on your membership level, your NCIA membership might approve approximately 5 of your colleagues complimentary access as well. This is equivalent to $375 worth of tickets! If you’re an NCIA member and you aren’t taking the opportunity to go to these occasions, it’s loan left on the table.

If you’re not an NCIA member, you can still get 15% off your registration by benefiting from our early riser sales ending midnight tonight (September 10)! If you do the math and realize that becoming an NCIA member grants you unrestricted access to these occasions plus more, then sign up with today and we’ll credit $50 toward your subscription charges. Contact Membership@TheCannabisIndustry.org!.?.! for more details!

You’ll make meaningful connections with industry leaders Throughout last quarter’s occasions, more than 1,000 guests turned out for our 32 events nationwide. This means that although these events are growing increasingly popular, they are still small sufficient to make meaningful connections with other market leaders in your area. Rather of simply making little talk with someone in passing, you’ll get to have real conversations with a few of the most influential leaders in the market. Year after year, we become aware of individuals striking business collaborations, friendships and impactful connections at these occasions due to the fact that they provide the time, space and opportunity to do so.

NCIA assembles market influencers As the biggest nationwide trade association in the U.S. and the only company representing more than 1,700 cannabis-related businesses at the nationwide level, we have pretty deep connections. We understand that 70 percent of the people who participate in Cannabis Caucuses have executive level decision-making authority and 30 percent have heavy decision-making impact. All of this is to state that the quality of the significant connections you will make have the possible to benefit your business in very genuine methods and quickly. We likewise know that these store occasions are regularly gone to by industry pioneers and dedicated policy reform supporters, the movers and shakers of the market, who have actually helped support the motion for years.

Simplified, accurate federal and local policy updates For lots of people, federal policy advancements can appear a bit dry and/or overly complex. However, in our market, understanding and staying present on the altering tides of policies can make or break your organisation. At Cannabis Caucuses, we’ll break down all of the current federal policy problems you need to know in order to protect your service. Better yet, our intel is coming directly from our Federal government Relations team on the Hill. Consider this your chance for simplified, precise federal policy insights to inform your business technique.

At every event, we also recruit prominent policy makers, government authorities, or industry executives as visitor speakers to shed light on important regional problems. Take the opportunity to satisfy the visitor speakers later on to ask questions throughout the nearly two hours worth of networking. When else would you get this opportunity?

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Consistently, we speak with visitors that these occasions are their favorite because of the quality of the occasion, the participants and the sense of neighborhood and sociability they cultivate.

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