Member Blog: Know Your Laws, Know Your Labels

by Gary Paulin, Director of Sales of < a href= “https://www.lightninglabels.com/ ” target=” _ blank “rel

=” noopener” > Lightning Labels, and Kristen Savage, principal of Highmark Data Agility, prompt information and printing efficiency drive cannabis label compliance Ability to move rapidly, properly, and competitively is the lifeline of cannabis purveyors. Prompt compliance in such areas as labels and packaging is crucial to remaining in company; dexterity in grabbing a competitive edge is important to profitability.

To assist make that take place, cannabis-savvy label professionals need to have the ability to provide near real-time info and clear, simple guidance to make sure complete and prompt compliance. With labeling and product packaging policies continuously changing across the land, getting and remaining existing is much easier said than done.

Sweeping changes consist of modifying labels to make marijuana products less appealing to children, listing THC and CBD quantities, designating “hemp” versus “marijuana” items, and facility of label guidelines in states with brand-new marijuana legalization laws. Then, there’s the entire country of Canada, which will legislate recreational marijuana efficient October 2018.

California purveyors in specific are feeling the heat. New packaging and label guidelines went into effect July 1, and Proposition 65 guidelines impacting all item labeling and product packaging are now in force (full compliance deadline was Aug. 30).

Vital consequences of non-compliance

California’s July 1 requirements alone proved hard for a variety of cannabis business. A report on KPIX, the San Francisco Bay Location CBS affiliate, pointed out: “Empty Shelves At Some Bay Location Pot Dispensaries After New July 1 Label Law … Many California cannabis dispensaries seeing their revenues are going up in smoke. Their racks are sitting empty since a brand-new labeling law took effect Sunday … the Associated Press estimated the whole industry would lose almost $400 million because of unsold product.”

Certainly, lack of knowledge and compliance can carry serious penalties, debilitating operations and hobbling revenues. Here are a couple of ideas to assist marijuana companies remain on top of evolving labeling and packaging regulations and avoid regulatory effects:

Partner with business supplying accurate and complete label and product packaging assistance, both on the information and hands-on production and printing fronts. There are companies dedicated to maintaining present and total databases about guidelines and regs in towns and states where both medical and leisure marijuana laws are in result. And there are label production and printing business with substantial track records in creating marijuana labels. Make sure you get up to speed in both areas.

Verify “agility capability” of these entities. All the info and abilities worldwide can be for naught if the capacity for performing rapidly and effectively does not exist. As the marijuana industry continues to weave all over the location, consisting of labeling and product packaging requirements, it’s absolutely critical to be able to move with– or optimally ahead of– advancements. Having consistent, reputable resources in place can make the distinction between numerous racks and earnings and the emptiness associated with non-compliance– as many California purveyors found the hard method.

Use these established resources for predictive modeling. While predicting the future of marijuana guidelines and guidelines may be difficult, cannabis business with access to adequate intel, experience and expertise might have the ability to better prepare for the future. Info showing patterns, ingenious ways to resolve exactly what’s ahead with labels and product packaging that “plan ahead of the curve,” and general insights into a variety of marketplaces can help make this occur.

To resolve both branding/printing and business/legal intelligence requirements at state and local levels, Denver-based strategic partners Lightning Labels and Highmark Data are giving cannabis purveyors fast and agile one-stop access to much-needed resources relating to labels and packaging. Lightning Labels is a Denver-based label printer that has been offering state-of-the-art economical, full-color custom labels and custom-made sticker labels of all shapes and sizes to cannabis purveyors for more than a decade. Highmark Data provides comprehensive business and legal intelligence needed to make the most intelligent and most compliant choices in municipalities and states nationwide.

Gary Paulin is Lightning Labels’ Director of Sales and Client Services.Kristen Savage is a principal of Highmark Data.

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