Cannabis-Infused Pet Dog Food Coming Quickly

A Canadian family pet food business called Corey Nutrition is looking to enter the growing marijuana industry by making strategies to launch a line of cannabis-infused dog food. While the marijuana plant has shown to be toxic to most animals, there are professionals that have discovered in their research that its cannabinoids like cannabidiol (or CBD) can also be utilized to successfully treat our animals for a variety of various conditions. Recent studies have also shown that a growing variety of family pet owners have started using CBD to treat their pets’ epilepsy/seizure conditions, cancer, arthritis, and behavioral issues like stress and anxiety.

Corey Nutrition’s VP of research study and development, Emily Corey, has stated that their new line of canine food not contain any THC, the psychedelic substance in marijuana that gets you high. She was estimated as stating that: “We mean to not utilize any product that contains THC and have everything be CBD, which is the part that won’t get the animal high.” Corey went on to assert anecdotally that her dog personally gains from CBD for treating his anxiety specifying that “I’ve got a dog who is extremely nervous in certain circumstances … things like particular floorings he’s not OK with, thunder [and] lightning can be an issue for him … This is one manner in which we see utilizing a natural treatment for medicinal purposes to assist with such things.”

Cannabis-Infused Dog Food, Corey Nutrition, CBD products, cannabis news< img class="alignleft wp-image-49362 size-medium"src="/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/cbd-pet-treats-for-dogs-300×125.jpg"alt="Cannabis-Infused Dog Food, Corey Nutrition, CBD items, marijuana news"width="300"height= “125″/ > Providing animals CBD infused products sometimes as a health supplement can help reduce discomfort due to arthritis, seizures and even hip dysplasia for bigger animals. The CBD can also be used as a sedative for our more excitable furry good friends during long journeys or rides to the dreadful vet. Since CBD is a natural and non-psychoactive compound numerous marijuana legalization supporters view using it as an excellent alternative to other medications that can come with significant negative effects and due to the fact that family pet owners don’t have to worry about exact doses.

According to Corey, their new cannabis item is a big investment on the part of the company as they will need to build a brand-new plant specifically to produce and store the pet dog food due to Canada’s guidelines relating to marijuana and associated items. “Marijuana is managed by Health Canada, so we don’t wish to run the risk of any sort of cross-contamination,” Corey stated when inquired about the requirement for the new center. “We have really high quality requirements … we take that extremely seriously, and we do not want to run the risk of any sort of cross-contamination or any problem there.”

While the business is still computing the total costs of their prepared expansion, Corey is optimistic that their new endeavor into the cannabis market will assist offset the financial investment’s expenses. Corey likewise said that they are taking a look at the U.S. markets however this will be a considerably more complex venture on a number of various fronts. Corey Nutrition is wanting to stock racks filled with their cannabis-infused canine food by next year.

Would you think about purchasing cannabis-infused dog/pet food for your family pets if and when it becomes available in the United States?

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