TNMNews Interviews: Brian Katz of Lighthouse Global Solutions, LLC

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 Brian Katz, Lighthouse Global Solutions, cannabis security, marijuana business security, trending cannabis news, security solutions for cannabis Brian Katz I had the chance to talk to Brian Katz, the CEO of Lighthouse Global Solutions, while covering the USCC Expo in Miami, Florida. With over Twenty Years of experience working in the private sector with Fortune 500 companies, Mr. Katz saw the clear requirement for his business’s services in the young marijuana industry. As a consulting firm, Lighthouse Global Solutions examines the security of a business that includes corporate examinations support and executive defense strategies. The marijuana industry is vulnerable to theft considering its cash heavy nature and its Arrange 1 status. The vulnerability to theft is not just beyond a companies frame work however also within it.

Lighthouse Global Solutions is a total security option for all aspects of the business. Most marijuana companies are concentrated on exactly what it requires to get a license and keep it. Lighthouse Global Solutions is available in with a holistic technique concentrated on the total company, from supply chain (the licensed growers of marijuana) all the method to the point of sales and all the elements in between.

To supply our audience an understanding of exactly what distinguishes the services of Lighthouse Global Solutions from the services of an insurance company or an armed guard service, lets delve a little much deeper into the details. Brian Katz describes that they are an independent solution that remains in the center of services provided by insurance coverage or armed guard or transportation services. “You have insurance coverage requirements and you might have need for an armed guard security business or a transport company. We are the independent service provider in the center that is stating, let us assist you figure out exactly what the best services for your business are. We will explain that these are some of the companies in the field that you may wish to work with, versus being the company that sells armed guard services or is selling any of those other essential elements of a company.”

Lighthouse Global Solutions examines a company and describes to them where their weak points are from a security perspective from both a monetary and physical perspective. “The overall bundle consists of any dangers that exist to the business internal or external,” Mr Katz explains. “We identify vulnerabilities that exist within the organization and look at how all of that ties together from a danger perspective, and provide an overall assessment. We offer a list of issues, but discuss that these specific issues are your most important vulnerabilities that you need to actually get to right away.”

” You have to comprehend that you have the product and after that you have the cash and they are truly two various things but both similarly crucial,” Mr. Katz continued. “The real focus is on how do we secure those two things. If you think about a service over the long term, and the development of an organization where you have a large worker base, that you have to think of the dangers of the website that you select. Depending on where you are, those decisions can be critical. We bring that customized solution by saying, let us evaluate all of those aspects and present the very best case scenario.”

Lighthouse Global Solutions is headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida but offers its services nationwide and can expand globally also. You can visit their site at LighthouseGlobalSolutions.com or email them straight at info@lighthouseglobalsolutions.com.

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