Marijuana Now Allowed Through LAX

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Marijuana enthusiasts in California have another thing to be happy about post marijuana legalization. According to a recent policy update released by the Los Angeles International Airport, LAX and the Los Angeles Police Department will permit travelers to carry certain amounts of weed on flights as long as it is under the legal limitation. The joint LAX/LAPD policy states that: “While federal law prohibits the ownership of cannabis (inclusive of federal airspace), California’s passage of Proposition 64, efficient January 1, 2018, allows for individuals 21 years of age or older to have up to 28.5 grams of marijuana and 8 grams of focused marijuana for individual usage. In accordance with Proposition 64, the Los Angeles Airport Authorities Department will allow travelers to take a trip through LAX with as much as 28.5 grams of cannabis and 8 grams of focused cannabis. However, guests must know that cannabis laws differ state by state and they are encouraged to examine the laws of the states in which they prepare to take a trip.”

Cannabis Now Allowed Through LAX,airport security,airports,cannabis,Culture,drugs,LAX,Los Angeles Airport,marijuana,News,pot,Travel,TSA,weed,weed news This new policy basically enables folks that are 21 and older to bring along over 28 grams of cannabis flower or as much as 8 grams of cannabis focuses on their journeys through LAX without sustaining the rage of the LAPD. However, there is still an unique possibility that the Transportation Security Administration might still represent a difficulty for taking a trip enthusiasts as cannabis belongings is still very much illegal at the federal level. This indicates that if you are captured with marijuana while going through a TSA security checkpoint, the agents might pull you aside to verify with local law enforcement that what you are bring is within the legal amount for the state. Lorie Dankers, a spokesperson for the TSA enhanced that while the “TSA’s focus is on terrorism and security hazards to the aircraft and its passengers … Whether or not the guest is permitted to travel with cannabis is up to police’s discretion.”

Cannabis Now Allowed Through LAX airport security, flying with weed, marijuana TSA, Cannabis LAX, marijuana news As one can envision folks that are obviously carrying less than the legal limitation will not deal with as much scrutiny however it can still possibly be a trouble because if you do get captured you will need to wait for the LAPD to come and sort things out. Likewise, the policy does show that despite the fact that it is legal in California, the weed you are bringing along is likely to still be unlawful depending upon your location however LAX is leaving this to the discretion of other airports to track lovers that may be bringing herb together with them. Up until now LAX is the only airport to make this type of policy change however we do expect that similar policies will be rolled out at other airports in areas where marijuana has actually been made legal for adult usage in the very near future.

Do you agree with LAX’s and the LAPD’s new policy with concerns to allowing adults to travel with their legal cannabis? Do you believe that the TSA should continue to concentrate on preventing terrorism instead of serving as an extra law enforcement entity when it comes to legal cannabis?

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