TNMNews Live Broadcast: October 26th, 2018 Marijuana News Week in Evaluation

Happy Friday everybody and I am going to state it now, pleased Halloween! Halloween may be the most rewarding day of the year for everyone marijuana lovers. Nothing addresses the munchies’ call like a huge pail of sweet. You can constantly inform when you have actually checked out the house of a significant cannabis enthusiast when you see they have way more candy than they ever could potentially provide. There is nothing rather so incredible as resting on your couch on Halloween night, enjoying some silly horror movie and bingeing on candy while ((stoned) or (sensation great and lifted))! It is October 26th, 2018 and I am Todd Denkin with The National Cannabis News and I am here to bring you your weekly upgrade on what has actually been occurring worldwide of weed.

To begin with, one of the most expected midterm elections is simply on the horizon. In reality, in some states like Florida early voting is already occurring. These elections represent a genuine chance for cannabis legalization advocates to make a massive push towards legalization. It is putting the pressure on states around the country and the federal government to completely legislate marijuana therefore it is important we all get out there and vote. Let’s talk about a few of the recent news concerning political leaders and their position either for or versus cannabis legalization.

66% of Voters Support cannabis legalization according to newest gallup poll

If you want to understand why marijuana has turned into one of the most considerable issues in our country, look no more than the people. According to the most current Gallup survey, 66%of voting Americans support complete on marijuana legalization in our country. That is what is described as a very bulk which actually gets the attention of politicians. Gallup has actually been taking these surveys since 1969 when just 12% of the people supported cannabis legalization. In 2005, a third of the people supported marijuana legalization now more than two thirds of the nation believe marijuana ought to be legal nationally. One of the most considerable demographics that has actually generally been against marijuana legalization but has actually now happened are elders. 59% of individuals 55 years of age or older assistance cannabis legalization. It is not surprising that considering medical cannabis might benefit the older generation more than anybody else and has actually clearly shown that the propaganda surrounding cannabis prohibition is incorrect. These sorts of numbers are impossible for political leaders to overlook, for this reason why marijuana legalization is such a huge issue for the country.

State Sen. Jim Dabakis eats marijuana edible here in Las Vegas on Facebook Live

Utah will vote during this midterm election to legalize a moderate medical cannabis program. They have tried before but too much fumbling by lawmakers has actually avoided it. Utah really feels the pressure to legislate considering they are surrounded by states that have legalized leisure marijuana. In truth, us here in Las Vegas truly get the attention of the people in Utah and they like to come for gos to. Tourists from worldwide pertained to check out Las Vegas and adult-use cannabis has become one of the greatest draws. Most recently, Utah State Senator Jim Dabakis showed up here this week using a Boston Red Sox t-shirt, they are playing in game 3 of the World Series tonight by the method and have a 2 to nothing lead over the Dodgers, to experiment with some of our premium persistent. He purchased some cannabis gummies at a dispensary and did a very intriguing Facebook Live video where he ate half a gummy on cam mentioning that he believed at least one of Utah’s political leaders must attempt cannabis because they are making policies around it. He offered complete disclosure that he would not be driving anywhere and that he would not be bringing the gummies back to Utah with him. An hour and half later he did not feel much of anything so ate some more and eventually informed audiences he hardly felt anything. You can checkout our post on TNMNews.com and see the video there to see more.

South Korean Canadian Embassy Cautions South Koreans Checking Out Canada Not to Smoke Weed

Moving to a quick worldwide story. As you are all aware by now, Canada began offering leisure marijuana to adults on October 17th and almost lacked weed on the very first day. It has actually been a success now that legalization is settling in, some other stories are emerging. The South Korean embassy cautioned any South Koreans in Canada not to take in any marijuana while there. South Korean drug laws are very strict and apply to South Korean locals even when they run out the country. People from South Korea have been caught consuming cannabis on social networks and the web by their federal government and when they got home have been detained. South Korean celebs have even been paraded in front of the media and prohibited from performing when they were captured taking in weed overseas. They can be fined $44 thousand dollars and serve 5 years in jail. The stigma surrounding cannabis is still very strong in some locations and the legalization of cannabis up in Canada is still astonishing to some individuals.

MedMen buys PhamaCan for $682 million

Finally, one of the most popular cannabis brands here in the US is MedMen and they just made the biggest marijuana purchase in US history as they continue their efforts to dominate the marijuana market. MedMen invested $682 million dollars to buy PharmaCann. MedMen currently has 14 dispensaries, one here in Las Vegas, but mainly in California. With the acquisition of PharmaCann, an Illinois based company with 10 dispensaries situated in the midwest, MedMen have now almost doubled their footprint. PharmaCann has dispensaries in Michigan and voters there will decide whether to legislate adult-use marijuana next month. Illinois is likewise seriously debating legalization as well. MedMen has actually made moves over on the east coast also, with a dispensary on Fifth Avenue in New York City. Now MedMen has 79 marijuana licenses throughout 12 various states.

That is it for today folks. Make sure to follow our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram account @NationalMJNews. Go sign up for our YouTube channel too. There are a lot more great stories on TNMNews.com to checkout as well. I hope everybody has a safe and happy Halloween. This is Todd Denkin with The National Marijuana News.

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